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    God Auli's territory is clear and unquestionable. Even though some temples have different teachings, there is no doubt that it is in the 'Craftsman' field. We all know that the scale and prestige of Auli's temple when it was first established had many limitations so we could not pay attention to it. Where I came from, at that time there was no theory to summarize and orient the production. appeared, relying only on groping, but after so many years, still groping here, not paying attention to the work of the master craftsman, this is simply dereliction of duty!

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    Gengu, elves, gnomes, halflings, and half-orcs form a racial landscape that varies in height and shape, but humans are the most numerous. They have rich and different clothing styles, and the decorations they wear are also very diverse, as if they come from different regions, different cultures, and even different times and spaces. .

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    don't know what nerve is wrong, human mercenaries really look down on Gengu warriors? They not only mocked but also violated the guidance of the ancient warriors of the Wind Chaser Group. Just when Toban was angry, the half-elf "Zhuang Zhuang" of the Nine-Tails tribe stood up and demanded the education of those human mercenaries.

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    If we can't attack the Black Tower of Terror, is there any other possibility? Dagon quickly changed his mind and a bold idea appeared. "What about getting out of the endless maze? Going to monster territory?"

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    Um, that makes sense. Algebra" is very difficult, profound, very hypnotic." The Elf King joked around for a bit, then immediately became serious and asked: "This reason alone is not enough."

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