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    The news that more than a dozen priceless cultural relics had returned to China spread quickly, and related images and reports about these cultural relics flooded and flooded major newspapers and websites at lightning speed. , causing a wave of outcry. The Palace Museum immediately announced that it would spend a huge sum of money to acquire these extremely valuable cultural relics, and not a single thing would be missing! The Palace Museum is the boss, rich and powerful, backed by the state, buying so many cultural relics is absolutely no problem, but nowadays in any industry competition tends to be fierce. Museums are no exception. A work of extremely high artistic value Rotating cultural relics means tickets, tickets mean paper money, the number of first-class cultural relics is directly equivalent to the profit and status of the museum. Xue Jianqiang brought back more than a dozen cultural relics, each relic is priceless, and the first relic has a story with twists, so fascinating, this is a huge resource, who wouldn't want ? The Palace Museum wants to monopolize food alone, but other museums certainly won't do that!

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